Our Partners

Partnerships are at the core of what we do at iSisters, and are the vital bridge between our technology mentoring programs and women in need. We work side by side with partner organizations to develop customized programs to suit the needs of learners.

iSisters currently provides its programs in partnership with the following non-profit organizations:

Tungasuvvingat Inuit Centre

Youville Centre

Immigrant Women Services Ottawa

Stepstone House

Emily Murphy Non-Profit Housing

John Howard Society

Pinecrest Terrace Community House

Multifaith Housing Initiative

Nepean, Rideau, Osgoode Community Resource Centre


Interested in Partnering?

Are you a Canadian not-for-profit that helps women in need? Would your clients benefit from learning and developing new technology skills? iSisters has over 20 years of experience and has taught over 3,300 women vital technology skills that help empower them to live better lives, create brighter futures and build stronger communities. Contact us.

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