Become A Partner

iSisters establishes formal multi-year partnerships with community organizations supporting women in need. iSisters provides the technology, learning program, onsite teaching and training. The partner agency provides Internet access, technical support and the space for the learning centre.

If you feel your agency is a good fit for an iSisters program, please read on to learn more.

Each partnership has a different story; however, there are common elements for partner selection:

  • meetings with the potential partner to learn about each-others’ agencies
  • assessment of the partner’s history and capacity to support a learning program
  • evaluation of alignment of organizations (mission, goals, values)
  • review of available funds to support the new program
  • a letter requesting iSisters’ services is requested from the partner
  • presentation from the partner to the iSisters Board of Directors
  • Board votes on the initiation of the new partnership

Setting up a Partnership

Setting up a partnership, after approval from the iSisters Board, involves the signing of a partnership agreement written by iSisters and with input from the partner. Then a number of steps are taken:

  • meetings with executive staff to determine scope and goals for partnership
  • meetings with front line staff who will be involved with the goal of iSisters learning more about the current programs and services at the partner agency and the partner learning more about iSisters
  • an outline of program goals, logistics and details is established
  • space for the new learning centre is secured by the partner
  • iSisters staff are written into the insurance policy of the partner agency
  • hardware and funds are acquired by iSisters to run the program

If you are interested in applying for an iSisters program, please send a letter of request to:

iSisters Technology Mentoring

3781 Strandherd Road
P.O. Box 34025
Nepean, ON K2J 5B1

Attn: Executive Director


Phone:  613-565-7337

In your letter please include the following:

  1. Full contact information of the applicant.
  2. Background on your organization and the community it serves.
  3. Your mission and mandate.
  4. Please explain why you need an iSisters program, and how it will benefit the women you serve.
  5. Describe how you will support the sustainability of a new learning program.
  6. Please attach your last annual report to your letter of request.

I am a computer student in the iSisters course taught by Zahide.  I find the course extremely helpful.  Zahide explains the material step by step.   It is very helpful as the skills are very...

Charmaine, iSisters graduate

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Judith Sarginson, Executive Director, Youville Centre

“I am taking the iSisters level 3 computer course and have found it very, very useful.  It has opened many, many locked doors in front of me. I have a new job.  They gave...

Sarah, iSisters student

“Cornerstone offers a variety of programs and services that we hope one day will enable women to move out of the shelter with a tool box full of skills.  One of these programs is...

Transition worker, Cornerstone

“The purpose of this letter is to tell everybody how the computer course has helped me in achieving my goals. Right now I am taking a Masters course at Ottawa University where I need...

Yaquelin, iSisters student