Definition of iTeachnology:

iTeachnology is a learning and development framework by which iSisters can deliver technology mentoring services. These services include:

  • Delivery of classroom training to partner organization clients (Phase II of iSister’s relationship with partner organizations. Phase I is the creation/securing of technology training lab space)
  • Train-the-trainer professional development: staff of partner organizations are trained by iSisters instructors to deliver their own technology programs (Phase III: partner organization self-sufficiency in the delivery of their own technology training)
  • Curriculum resources (both print and web-based) for use by iSister instructors and partner organizations for their own in-house technology training)

Why is it important?

iTeachnology is an integral element to providing a sustainable program for our program partners and provides learners with experience learning independently online. All materials and learning resources will be available online for our program partners and learners to access independent of iSisters. These resources have been designed, delivered, modified and catered specifically for the needs of our learner groups. We believe that iTeachnology serves as a model of best practices in terms of design and implementation of a customized online learning environment.

Who can access it?

The online environment provides an opportunity for program partners and participating women to collaborate and access resources to assist them with their learning (i.e. Websites, support documents, etc.), receive online mentoring and support, and develop the skills for how to access and interact with information online. It also provides an opportunity for learners to take ownership of their learning and as a result, promotes life-long learning.

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Click here to access the old site:  iTeachnology (HTML)

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