Who We Help

iSisters supports the most vulnerable women in our society, including:

  • newcomers to Canada
  • indigenous women
  • those fleeing family violence
  • criminalized women
  • young mothers working to complete their high school education
  • women with disabilities

Our programs are designed for disadvantaged women facing significant barriers – women who have often been stereotyped and judged throughout their lives. At iSisters, our team recognizes the importance of ensuring dignity, respect and inclusion.   As a result, we provide a non-judgement environment for all learners.  We offer women a familiar space to learn where they feel safe and included – often through a community organization that they’re already connected with for other services.


iSisters classrooms are a regular meeting place for women with shared experiences to safely build connections and networks of support. When a woman leaves iSisters with improved digital skills, greater self-confidence and a positive interpersonal experience, we’ve accomplished our goal!

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