Complaints Policy


To provide guidance to operational staff and the board where required, as well as volunteers regarding the process by which iSisters manages complaints from program and funding partners, volunteers, learners, and members of the public.


This policy applies to iSisters’ Board of Directors, Executive Director, staff, committee members, event and special project support and volunteers.


  • The organization is committed to addressing complaints in a respectful, objective and timely manner.
  • If an individual has a complaint and is unable to resolve it in an informal manner, they may put forward a formal complaint directed to the Executive Director. In the event the complaint is about the Executive Director, the person presenting the complaint is directed to report the details of the incident(s) to the Chair of the Board of Directors.
  • Complaints shall be made in writing within six (6) months of any related incident(s).
  • If the complaint is related to harassment and/or discrimination, the steps outlined in the iSisters Harassment Policy (no. 4-3) should be followed.
  • The Executive Director will investigate the written complaint, including gathering any necessary supporting information. The Executive Director may confer with the Board of Directors if needed. Once a complaint is substantiated, the Executive Director will determine and implement a decisive and appropriate response. If the complaint is about the Executive Director, the Chair of the Board of Directors will determine and implement a decisive and appropriate response.
  • The person making the complaint will be followed up with to confirm the resolution of the complaint.

If you have a question or concern about, please contact the Executive Director of iSisters at

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