Our Program Design and Delivery Model

We design and deliver community-based technology learning programs in partnership with community organizations that support women in need. Through technology awareness, mentoring and coaching we aim to increase earning potential and economic independence for women in need.

Our learning programs are aligned to ISTE NETS (International Society of Technology in Education National Education Technology Standards) and the Conference Board of Canada’s Employability Skills 2000+.

Our community-based programs have three phases:

The goal of many of iSisters’ programs is to be self-sustaining so that the partner agency is able to operate the learning program independently two to three years after beginning phase one. In this way, we build capacity within our community partners, along with assisting women in need.

Through corporate and community partnerships, iSisters is able to provide all aspects of its programs, including laptop computer labs and on-site teaching, at no charge to the partner or learners.

Terms and Conditions