Success Stories

iSisters’ programs provide real, measurable results to the women who attend them. For our learners who often may feel they have no way out of their current situation, being able to make the first step up the ladder of success to a new future is an important outcome of our courses. Time and time again, our learners reinforce that in addition to the technical skills and knowledge they gain, the most important achievement is building their own self-confidence.

Raven was a 25 year-old single mother of three who had dreamt of starting her own business since she was 16.  She considered attending college, but was unhappy with the idea of putting her children in day care. But she felt the push to start doing something to make her and her children’s lives better. Hope Ventures and iSisters gave her the opportunity to do just that. The Hope Ventures instructors offered comprehensive classes on everything from time management to computer skills, helped her write a prospective business proposal and held her hand as little or as much as needed. “Without iSisters, the Bethany Hope Centre and the Hope Ventures Program, I would not have had the courage to step out and start creating the life I know my family and I so deserved,” says Raven.

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