Our Story

iSisters Technology Mentoring was founded by women, for women.

In 2001, four teachers – all innovators concerned with leaving their community better than they found it – decided to volunteer together. They knew their strength lay in education and feminism, and they identified technology mentorship as a gap in the services available in Ottawa.

Through trial and error, a donated computer lab, a set of Palm Pilots and plenty of long hours after work, Cathy, Helen, Michelle and Kelly founded iSisters.

For twenty years, iSisters along with our community partners, has worked to serve the most vulnerable women, girls and gender diverse people in our region.  We help those who would not otherwise have access to gain basic technology skills, search for employment and begin to build a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Our Mission

We create and deliver technology programs at no cost to learners as we believe in equipping women with the skills and confidence to participate fully in their community.

Our Vision

iSisters Technology Mentoring, a leader in technology learning and development, helps empower women in need to live better lives, create brighter futures and build stronger communities.

Our Values

We are passionate about and committed to:

  • Learner Focus
  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Community Orientation
  • Accountability

At iSisters, our goal is to be representative and diverse across all levels of our organization, and to provide an inclusive & welcoming environment to everyone whether they are learners, volunteers, contractors or employees.

Terms and Conditions